Deluxe Signature Collection XL

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This gift is the ultimate gift collection for a fragrance lover in your life, with  best sellers of  signature collection.

 “Deluxe Signature Collection” Gift Box Contains:

  •  Signature Reed Diffuser
  •  Luxury Scented Soy Wax Candle
  •  Luxury Body Lotion
  •  Luxury Body Wash
  •  Signature Room Spray
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Deluxe Signature Collection XL

This gift is the ultimate gift collection for a fragrance lover in y life, with bestsellers of signature collection. The gift is presented in an exclusive in  XL glossy gift box that can be re-gifted or reused to decorate y home.

 “Deluxe Signature Collection” Gift Box Contains:

  Signature Reed Diffuser

 Signature Reed Diffuser comes in a lovely round bottle with a polished silver-look collar and will enhance any interior. We recommend adding f to eight reeds for the perfect amount of scent release. (100ml)

  Signature Soy Wax Scented Candle

 signature soy wax candles guarantee a 40 hs clean burn. Hand ped by an experienced team of candle makers! Modern. Romantic. Luxurious. Define y personal space with best seller soy wax candle from the signature collection! (200gr)

  Luxury Body Lotion

A lightly scented natural body lotion to keep the skin soft and supple with nishing and hydrating effects (200ml)

 Luxury Body Wash

A lightly scented natural liquid soap to clean the skin gently and keep it soft and hydrated. Can be used as luxury hand soap and a hydrating body wash (200ml)

 Signature Room Spray

 luxuriously fine room spray will instantly refresh any room; just choose between  floral, fruity or warm vanilla based scents (75ml)

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